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This is my story...

We're all salespeople — selling our ideas, skills and visions to the world. Successful professionals leverage the art form to achieve their desired growth and impact.

I guide and empower women like you, to do the same. My coaching programs ignite your inner sales superstar and instil a wealth mindset, so you can extend your visibility and consistently clinch sales.

The Strength of Early Experiences

My story began in Malaysia.

As a wide-eyed child sitting in the family shop, I was surrounded by the bustle of commerce. The way my grandparents mingled and interacted with shoppers made a lasting impression. The relationships and sense of community within the store kept customers coming back again and again.

When I moved to Australia to study Commerce, Accounting and Finance, I got to initiate my own customer service journey. You might not think the gigs you do in your teens make much of an impact, but they can shape your future more than you realise.

Working part-time as a Sales Assistant for brands like Jag, Saba and David Jones, I began to appreciate the difference between pushing a product and satisfying a customer's often unspoken motivations and desires.

This awareness came into full force after graduation.

A Career Built on Selling

My career kicked off with the Westpac Group. As a Financial Planner, I had two primary responsibilities: (1) guide clients to make sound financial decisions and (2) sell suitable products and services. I took to it like a duck to water.

Soon, I was catapulting up the corporate ladder and winning accolades, working for powerhouses like the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and ANZ. I educated, supported and empowered individuals and major corporations, netting over $200 million in revenue across my 20-year stint in Banking and Finance. Suffice to say I made a name for myself as a financial advisor and industry leader.

What helped was understanding how to harness the art of selling.

It's All in the Mind

Selling gets a bad rap like it's something underhand — a way of conning people to spend money or manipulating them to do something they don't want to. But unless you're trying to offload a stock of snake oil, the purpose of any sale is to bring value to your prospect. You make their lives better for it.

Approaching my clients (and internal stakeholders) with this mindset meant I didn't come across as aggressive, desperate or over-eager. It allowed me to establish relationships built on mutual resonance and respect, confidently offer solutions to their needs, and accept that I was worthy of success.

Cultivating High-Performing Teams

When I stepped into leadership roles, I coached my teams to adopt similar game-changing mindsets. While we all worked towards the same business objectives, each person brought unique strengths and talents to the table. So I guided them to embrace their individuality, to sell authentically.

By focusing on each person, I was able to support their development and unlock their potential. Together we developed systems, strategies and structures that helped them overcome obstacles with clarity, navigate changes and uncertainty, and perform at their best.

At the same time, I motivated them to raise their prominence. By stepping up and showing up, they attracted more clients and opportunities, extending their influence and impact. As a result, the divisions I led became revenue magnets, each team member a powerhouse, growing and thriving while delivering with passion.


A Fork in the Road

It was the most gratifying experience. Being able to guide and empower gave me such purpose. So I was horrified when my division (I was back at Westpac at the time) shut down after the 2019 Royal Commission.

After much soul-searching, I took the leap into entrepreneurship — a lifelong dream of mine. As a professional coach, best selling and author empowerment speaker, I engage my sales and mentoring aptitude to help create the next best chapter for my clients.

And Now...

Today I'm honoured to help female entrepreneurs and executives achieve the success they crave. Standing in their way is an all too familiar problem. While brilliant in their areas of expertise, they wing their sales strategy. Lacking support and growth-oriented feedback, they fail to generate a conducive mindset, grow their outreach and sell intentionally.

It shouldn't have to be this way.

I believe every talented and dedicated professional has something valuable to offer and deserves to reach their full potential. They shouldn't have to grind endlessly and hustle desperately to flourish.

That's why I developed my  1:1 private mentoring and group coaching programs built on my signature methodology of renewing your mindset, intentional networking, magnetic selling and embodiment. It transforms my clients into high-flyers who:

  • Own their position and authority confidently, free of stress, overwhelm and anxiety, drawing on their higher self to dispel limiting beliefs.
  • Amplify their visibility, thereby attracting lucrative opportunities and powerful partnerships that champion their growth and goals.
  • Sell with the ease that comes from wholeheartedly believing in their offer. They approach every prospect with clear purpose and conviction, enabling them to engage authentically and double their results.
  • Achieve more by doing less, evolving their practices and approach so they are consistently performing at their peak. They embody a consummate, magnetic leader because that is precisely who they are.

It really is possible.

To date, I've coached over 2000s of entrepreneurs and professionals who've gone on to regularly close 6-figure deals, build stable, profitable businesses and enjoy living their best lives. I couldn't be prouder of their success.

If you are want to learn more about sales and mindset coaching, 

let me help you explore the right option for you.

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