Is Your Company Facing Leadership and

Sales Challenges?

Leadership Conundrum? Sales Stagnation?


We Have The Solutions.

  • If your leadership team struggles with cohesion, alignment, and inspiration, are they elusive, hindering overall company growth?
  • If your sales team faces constant changes in the financial landscape, and the fear of stagnation looms?
  • If the leadership expectations and sales plateaus are causing frustration.
  • Do you fear falling behind, losing talent, and missing opportunities in the dynamic financial sector?
  • There is uncertainty about the future and worry that your team may need to prepare for upcoming challenges.


Envision a future where your team not only overcomes these hurdles but also fosters dynamic leadership, implements effective sales strategies, and cultivates a growth-oriented mindset. Through strategic training interventions, we can unlock the full potential of your team, paving the way for enhanced operational efficiency, crystal-clear organizational direction, and strengthened team unity.


Our goal is to change that.


Having spent decades empowering success in diverse, professional teams, we know what it takes to convert managers into exemplary leaders.


To this end, we offer meticulously crafted corporate training, developed in the real-world. Our programs combine immersive learning, practical application and experience-backed guidance ‚ÄĒ everything required to upskill and equip middle managers with the intellectual capital to excel in their roles.

In effect, our programs:

  • Boost operational excellence¬†by training managers to act with authority to¬†establish strategically aligned priorities,¬†delegate¬†and¬†set clear direction


  • Improve¬†employee retention¬†by enabling managers to¬†build trust with their staff,¬†uplift morale¬†and¬†motivation, and provide¬†meaningful support¬†to their team


  • Develop¬†organisational agility¬†by¬†cultivating resilient mindsets¬†that¬†welcome change¬†and¬†innovation, seize opportunities and take initiative


  • Promote a¬†harmonious and efficient workplace¬†by¬†empowering¬†transparent communication, respectful collaboration and proactive conflict resolution


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Jocelyn Chong shared her insights on Transformative Leadership, and it was a treat! Interacting with our mentees and mentors in the 'Leading into the Future' mentor program in a personal way, Jocelyn vibrantly shared about five areas for self-leadership that create great leaders. These are integrity, self-care, seeking feedback, positive self-talk, and visualisation. The takeaway was that great leaders care about others, encourage others, and think of others' needs, which aligns with WFP's philosophy of 'living for the sake of others' and leadership of the heart.Thank you, Jocelyn, I am such a fan!!

Anne Bellavance  WFWP Vice-President Asia Pacific | WFWP Australia President

Meet your facilitators!

We Are Transformation Catalysts


Our commitment as corporate trainers stems from a simple conviction. We believe nurturing management professionals not only feeds their growth as individuals but also extends into extraordinary achievements for the organisation they serve. 

Spearheading our efforts is Jocelyn Chong of Seed to Sequoia ‚ÄĒ an award-winning business leader, keynote speaker, business growth coach and corporate trainer. With over two decades of corporate experience, energising, motivating and mentoring individuals and teams to function at their best, Jocelyn lends her cut-through wisdom and tried-and-tested strategies to all our programs.


Guided by her vibrant approach, we take pride in changing up conventional training.

      Choose us when you want:

  • Dynamic learning solutions that are engaging, empowering and exhilarating

  • Certified facilitators who have first-hand experience, in driving performance, in diverse business environments

  • Transformative training that is relevant to modern business challenges and offers real-world applications

  • Customisable and results-focused solutions that align with your business objectives

  • Globally-tested programs delivered with integrity and enthusiasm¬†

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