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Ā Success StoriesĀ from my clients....

My strategy session with you provided me with a clear understanding of how your support will guide me in gaining results. You outlined specific areas of my business that I can work on and the gaps that I had not yet considered. Your high level of knowledge was obvious and you were very easy to talk to. Thank you Jocelyn!!


Lauren Munday - Director / Founder of Think Set Go

Jocelyn has mastered the art of cutting through noise and the inefficient use of of our most precious asset - time... so important in the modern, always connected world. As someone who has networked extensively, I found Jocelyn's advice helped me take to the next level the great baseline I already have. Thank you for making the complex simple and taking the time to really think about how you could help me grow my business. Highly recommend you get in touch with Jocelyn!

Ben Wright
Senior Manager and Sales Leader/ Builder of Awesome Teams/ Endless Energy

I have been working with Jocelyn for the past 3 years on my business and mindset. I had a few limited beliefs that were holding me back to grow my photography business.

Jocelyn’s held space for me with patience and compassion. She really digs deep into the root cause and always gives the best, most powerful reframes. She also gave me some practical tools to use that helped me gain more clarity, confidence and tap into my abundance mindset.

Jocelyn also helped me to overcome fears and doubts both in my personal and business lives. As a consequence, my business is thriving and growing exponentially.

I can’t thank Jocelyn enough for her wisdom, expertise and incredible coaching skills on all levels. She is such a beautiful person to work with and I can’t recommend her enough to anyone wanting to break any limiting beliefs and feel empowered and confident through life!

Ksenia Belova
Personal Branding Photographer & Empowerment Coach


I was in a deep slump when my coaching sessions with Jocelyn began. My business felt stagnant; frankly, I questioned everything I had built. Stuck in my head, I was a mess of doubts, uncertainty and seriously lacking direction. Hallmark crisis mode.

Today, I'm back in love again. Jocelyn helped me rediscover the heart of my business while being more practical in my approach. Her ability to help me focus and cut through the fluff has been a game-changer.

Now I'm more adept at balancing my purpose with a business-centric mindset. I'm no longer a prisoner to the zillion thoughts that were pulling me every which way but straight. And I'm gradually levelling up my business with a clear head. Hallelujah!

Jocelyn's intuitive yet objective approach is magic. She cuts to the heart of the problem with the precision of a surgeon. There's no hiding.

Working with any coach must be a vulnerable experience. Sometimes you want to run for the hills because you feel like you're under a microscope. But if you are going to be under anyone's microscope, be under Jocelyn's.

Yes, she can be tough, but never brutal. She empowers instead of just propping you up. She doesn't force-feed you; she leads you. By arming me with frameworks and tools, she allowed me to determine and evaluate my own solutions. This has made me more independent and resourceful in my thinking, and I feel way more confident about my brand.

From the get-go, you know you're in safe hands with Jocelyn. It's obvious she knows what she's talking about. And that's not just in a practical sense. Jocelyn encourages self-development. She prompted me to be mindful of managing my energy and to develop my business structure so that it aligns with my nature.

My two cents? You don't work with Jocelyn because you want to bumble through business and life. You work with Jocelyn because you want to be kept accountable, work sustainably towards your goals and grow into a well-rounded professional.

Would I recommend her? Hell yes!

Inoshi Perera

"The first time Jocelyn and I connected, I immediately felt her warmth and positive energy. Not only was she instrumental in helping me realize a lifelong dream of becoming a published author, but she has also connected me to a network of amazing people from around the world who are like me - driven to accomplish MORE! I’m grateful for that first meeting with Jocelyn, as it opened up a whole new world of possibilities and connections that I likely wouldn’t have found on my own.”

Jennifer Myers, MBA, CBC
Certified Leadership & Business Coach | International Trainer | Speaker

Jocelyn had experience, a background in this field and came to me with ideas and solutions of exactly what I needed. Her organizational skills and the time she took to go through everything with me.
Before I had my session with her, my systems were in need of tweaking. I was in the process of building out standard operating procedures and needed guidance on what to add to my documentation. Now, I've created streamline processes in my backend to work better with my team. Jocelyn is nurturing, smart, intelligent and will hold you accountable. Jocelyn is a wealth of knowledge and information from her past experiences in banking. She is able to weave in her experiences with her heart-centered approach to leadership and provide an epic experience for her clients. I needed support with back-end business systems and structures, and that's exactly what I got!

Bridget Sicsko
Founder of Exalted Publishing House, Podcast Host, Sales Coach, Kundalini Yoga Teacher & Networking Event Host


Jocelyn is very attentive and creates a good connection allowing for a flow of ideas leading to positive impact on the areas of focus. I loved the the compassion and understanding of the problems I was facing and helped me getting unstuck in my business and understood the difference between an employee and CEO mindset helping me shift how I approach my business decisions.

Anastasiya Rutus


Jocelyn is amazing at getting to the core issue and diving into the deep rooted thoughts that can affect daily decisions whether we're aware of them or not. Her messaging was right on point of what I was looking for in a coach. I realized I have been limiting my own growth. Early on in our meetings Jocelyn was able to uncover that most of my life I have been telling myself that I can do without. That manifested into always putting others first and finding joy when giving to others. That also meant that I never gave myself permission to do acts that brought me joy because I didn't put my happiness first, or ever spoil myself. Things I've wanted to do or buy were always on the bottom of the list of priorities. Once this was uncovered I now shift my thoughts from I can do without, to I can have everything I desire. I'm finally living my best life in my late 30's and enjoying the journey of uncovering the real me and no longer living a lie that I've been telling myself for decades. Jocelyn is amazing at uncovering thoughts that aren't at the surface with very direct questions that lead to massive growth in a very short period of time. Jocelyn is genuine and caring, but also makes sure that you do the work necessary to accomplish the goals you've outlined with her. I really appreciate how she not only created actionable steps for me to take from all the beliefs that we've uncovered. At the same time she also reminded me that although we had many breakthroughs during our short time together, it's okay that it takes time to fully unravel something that you've believed all your life.

Ebony Marshall


I loved how much business experience Jocelyn had, how deep she would go into one subject to another. I was also amazed at how specific the advice was and how much we accomplished in 40mins! I was able to shorten the time it takes to get a booked client by eliminating extra steps in my processes. Rather than generic advice that could apply to almost anyone, Jocelyn's takeaways are exquisitely targeted to your situation with detailed action steps customized for you. Her advice and actions were so individualized. If you're ready to get to the heart of your mindset or business strategy blocks, Jocelyn is absolutely the person you need! I loved the accountability Jocelyn brought to the session. I could tell that she doesn't have time for bullshit. As someone with ADHD, that's a massive plus!

Sandra Kaye


Jocelyn is an incredibly talented, natural coach. From our first coaching session together, she helped me clarify my thoughts on my business and identify what I needed to do to move forward. She was extremely helpful in developing my vision, and for thinking through how to manage my current situation while pursuing a new one.  I leave every coaching call feeling empowered and energised. Thank you Jocelyn for supporting me to do and be better in everything I do!

Linden Polos


Jocelyn's ability to listen and process swiftly what it will take to help you. She is direct with her delivery without coming from a space of judgment. My sessions with her were only in 30 minute increments but they were always productive. I always left each session with something to think about and actions on how to begin moving forward in correcting the issue. I am aware of my total amount of debt and now have a roadmap on how to pay it off within 3 years. I also have begun a major shift in my mindset when it comes to money, myself and time. Know that she will speak the truth from what she hears you say and be vulnerable enough to receive what she offers. Come without preconceived ideas of what your sessions will be about. Leave your ego behind so that you can be fully receptive.

Robin Flemming


Jocelyn is all about excellence! As the CEO of Excellence Institute, it is a core value of mine and a rare find. To work with her is truly an experience of a lifetime.

Kathryn Ford
CEO of Excellence Institute


Jocelyn is laser focused on helping her clients grow their business in tangible ways. She helps clients uncover opportunities, attract more clients, and drive deeper business results for long term success.

Sara Sheehan
Executive Coach | Consultant


Jocelyn is a dedicated and talented coach that is committed to her client’s success.  She continues to upgrade her knowledge to serve at the highest level and her vast network provides her clients resources needed to achieve the desired results.

Else Johnson
Clarity and Mindset Coach


What I know for sure is that Jocelyn values excellence. Her clients are supported and invited to find their edge as they realize their most magnificent dreams. Her experience and heart are the incredible combination.

Adriana Monique Alvarez
Founder of AMA Publishing, Speaker, and Business Coach


Working with Jocelyn, she has this magical way of uplifting me and making me feel like the most important person in the world. Mother Teresa once said, “Let anyone who comes to you go away feeling better and happier.” I feel this everytime I’m with Jocelyn. And I have never had so much fun on a podcast interview!

Melisa Keenan
Intimacy Coach, CEO, USA Today Best Selling Author & Keynote Speaker


Jocelyn has an excellent reputation and experience. She is extremely professional and concentrate on adding REAL VALUE to the interaction.

We now have a well mapped out process that we employ across most joint projects. We have also been able to upskill many of my clients and move them to the next level.

If you are looking for an emotionally intelligent, but tough coach that really cares about making your life fantastic - choose Jocelyn!

Come prepared to the meeting with lots of thoughts, ideas and questions. This will ensure you get the most out of the sessions. Thank you for your commitment and care! Thank you for your personal check-ins - they mean so much!

Jasmin Loke


Jocelyn is a warm and fearless coach! She will have you looking at things from an angle you didn't think of before—to uncover the real problem. The solution becomes so obvious with her as your guide and she'll hold you accountable through the process. Working with her, I became clear on why I do what I do and putting the habits in place to keep moving forward in a way that feels lighter. She is not afraid to ask hard questions.

Missy Campbell
CEO of Taste of Simple


Jocelyn, you have been calm and confident in working me through the many issues I presented with over the past few weeks. It has been an eventful month for me and this coaching couldn't have come at a better time.

The exceptional part for me has been hearing my limiting thoughts reflected back to me and then reframed in a way that leaves me feeling empowered and wondering what I was so upset about before each call. It's an amazing process.

I have achieved new ways of thinking and feeling about long-standing, as well as new limitations in my life, so that I am better equipped to move forward and do the things I need to do in my business and relationships. New thoughts have led to an expansiveness that I did not formerly feel. I have a bigger life ahead of me now that my thinking has been upgraded by

Jocelyn's coaching. Everything just feels easier now. Jocelyn is fantastic as a coach and as a person you can trust. Work with her while you can. Do it! You'll be amazed by how simple it seems, yet how effective it can be in changing your thoughts and results for the long term.

Jocelyn is well-equipped to take you to those deep places where you'll feel the feelings you may not want to feel, and then she'll guide you through them and out the other side. You'll feel way better by the end of a session and have some amazing new insights. Jocelyn is always polished, poised and personable. It was a privilege to be coached by her. 

Life Coach, Melbournev


I'd love to work with Jocelyn

Jocelyn exudes positive energy in each coaching session, she motivates me to take actions for my own growth. Her unique perspectives and coaching techniques she uses to help me uproot my concerns and problems. I feel completely safe to share my worries while exploring who I truly am under her guidance. She has provided great support and encouragement to help me adapt and apply the changes in my daily life. I have achieved so much in the aspects of developing leadership skills, relationship building and communication skills.

Hailey Zhang

Jocelyn is your girl if you're looking to make quick shifts in your mental and emotional well-being. She is so supportive and inquisitive (I love this about her) - this was extremely helpful when I was releasing the thoughts and beliefs that don't serve me. Jocelyn is a great leader in both business and life, and it was an amazing experience to have been guided by her!

Before our coaching session, I had this weight on my mind about where I am in my business and what I felt like I needed on a soul level, there was a bit of opposition between taking the space I need vs. wanting to "do" more. With your guidance and our chats, I was able to recognize that honouring I am always healing and growing is a part of my mission! I was also able to redefine a lot of things in my life (like burnout, leadership, etc.) and this led me to feel an instant change in mood and inspiration.

Her coaching and mentoring is the #1 thing that has transformed my life completely and I strongly believe that we're guided to specific people at specific times in our lives. If you've been thinking about working with Jocelyn, I highly recommend you to message her and just have a chat!

"Just thank you :) for your generosity in coaching me and also connecting with me along the way. I enjoyed our chats so much - not only were they helpful, I also felt inspired to see you in action and confidence. Keep doing what you're doing!"

Suki Chan
Empowerment Coach


I wanna be the best version of myself!

I recently connected with Jocelyn through social media and enjoyed our conversations. When I found out she was offering life coaching sessions, I didn't hesitate in making my decision to be coached by her. Jocelyn having a successful career, providing helpful knowledge from her content and podcast shows, and her persistence to continue improving herself were all factors that led to my decision.

Before I started my sessions with her, I tended to procrastinate when completing my important tasks. Jocelyn asks several in-depth questions to help me uncover ideas, thus helping me create a portfolio of tools I can utilize to stay focused on my tasks. She also got me to visualize what my life is like being a highly productive person. One example I can give is accumulating less stress if I complete my tasks sooner. Since working with Jocelyn, I've been getting ahead of completing assignments several days before deadlines. This has helped free my time to pursue other opportunities available to me. Jocelyn's sessions have also helped build my confidence in providing my best work.

I believe in the saying that if you hang out often with successful people, you will eventually become successful as well. Jocelyn has led people in her finance career, given several presentations, attends masterminds, reads and listens to many books, hosts her podcast, and is an international best-selling author. Overall, Jocelyn has had a successful life which makes her an excellent choice as a life coach. When working with Jocelyn, identify an area of need you would like to improve on and take many notes when attending sessions. There is a good chance you will learn something about yourself that you haven't realized before. Set intention for your day from activities like meditating or journaling. Finally, take action and follow through on what you learn from her sessions. 

She is a positive cheerleader to her clients and really enjoys what she is doing. These are both areas that make her a terrific coach. I feel fortunate to learn from Jocelyn, and I'm confident that the results will pay off for me.

Erik Denend


Working with Jocelyn was amazing.  She takes you through a process through her coaching that can tackle and resolve a variety of issues head on. I spoke with her about a few issues from self-worth, relationships and business stress and the process worked for all. I was able to tackle a few blocks and issues which were holding me back almost immediately! These things may have seemed too small to see a therapist about but were certainly causing stress in my day-to-day life. For example, in one session I was very stressed about Facebook Ads as the platform was not working for me. I was able to release the guilt and shame around that within one session and it was a huge weight off my shoulders that I'd been carrying for months. Jocelyn is such a ray of light. She is able to hold space even when talking about heavier issues, is non-judgmental, positive and has a results-focus. 

Monica Strut


Her kind yet direct approach - exactly what I need! Jocelyn’s ability to cut through the noise, make sense of it all and get to the point of what I needed to do next. I have achieved my ability to see my procrastination for what it is, cut through the things I think I should be doing and get right into action mode! If you're looking for someone to help you take the lead in your life, Jocelyn will show you the way and allow you to feel confident moving forward. If you're ready to take big action, do it!!

Elaine Leek
Mindset + Authenticity Coach


 Jocelyn is an incredible and fantastic coach who helps you get to where you want to be and helps you uplevel. She taught me to have the belief and mindset tools needed to grow my business. "Thank you for the beautiful energy".

Michelle Gordon
NLP Practitioner & Coach


I felt like talking to a friend who loves to help me out to organize my thoughts and goals. Because I need help to know how I can make more content easier so I decided to work with Jocelyn. If anyone needs a life coach, I recommend Jocelyn, she can understand you and she is humble enough to go with you step by step and she finds good ideas to help you out with your own problems. I love working with Jocelyn. I advise you to follow her tips because she would provide you real and good tips

Arwa Gharamah
Youtube & Pinterest Coach


I was so grateful for the time we had together. It was as though an Angel crossed my path when I was at a very low point and reminded me to go for those Big dreams and to not play small. I was trapped feeling distracted when it came to my business. We pinpointed it down to the unpleasant emotions that arise in me when I have to do something uncomfortable. This is related to the avoidance of emotions of feeling inadequate and incapable. The insight she gave me was to focus on what were facts and proven thoughts. So we wrestled with facts and delved into the issue. I loved her direct approach. Challenging me to use my intuition, yes BUT to look at the facts of a situation. Logic and proven data. This requires a more mature and agile way of thinking and forces me to up my game and address facts and logic. I have learned to delay pleasure and this road took me to discovering how to design my day for my success. Be prepared to make big strides when you work with Jocelyn. Do the work she suggests and she will help you achieve your wildest dream. I enjoyed her support and her ability to see what lights me up based on reading my body language. e.g. it inspired me to do retreats and not be stuck behind my laptop. It gave me the momentum to keep going and deliver a successful retreat (a dream of mine for 2 years). It's encouraged me to pursue that and follow my dream of creating a $100K offer.

Claire Protheroe


I would love you to be my coach, Jocelyn!

Jocelyn listened, gave a safe space to talk about my concern, summarised what I said, didn't do and danced around. She has a solid insight, calm, professional and helps you dig down and come to conclusions you already have in you. She does it powerfully. I feel like there was nothing left to explore in the session.

Natascha Troehler
Business Coach


Working with Jocelyn has been a shifting and empowering experience. The way she works with you through creating abundance is methodical, spiritual, easy to digest and apply. Coming from the financial background she is able to give you clear direction that have had proven results. I highly recommend Jocelyn!

Lynn Howard
Business Coach based in Thailand


So much has changed since I've completed the 3 months program. We’ve looked deeper into some of the really important areas in my business.  For example, processes. And then there are other areas that I didn’t realize that were as important and you’ve highlighted them such as managing my social media presence. You’ve given me strategies on how to implement it going forward. Now I feel more confident and more authentic as a business owner.  I feel like I jumped many steps ahead and that those steps will be built on as I go forward over time.

This is what I’ll say to anyone thinking of coaching with Jocelyn Chong,  you won’t regret it!!!   It’s money well spent and the sooner you do it, the sooner you can get on with your business. I highly recommend Jocelyn.

Dianne Palmer
Interior Designer


I met Jocelyn a few years ago when we were both part of a women’s leadership circle. Jocelyn has always been generous with her time and provided insightful advice. Jocelyn is an engaging and eloquent presenter and I have attended a number of her workshops on Personal Branding, Giving and Receiving Feedback, and Positive Money Mindset. Jocelyn is an executive coach who will inspire you be better in all facets of your life - financial, social, physical, mental, and spiritual!

Cynthia Chung
Procurement Leader at MAICD


I'd love to work with Jocelyn!

In the last 3 months of us working together,  I've increased my confidence significantly as a business owner. Now I find myself, pausing to listen to my team members and take the time to process what they’ve got to say before I take action.  After coaching with Jocelyn,  I have a deeper understanding of my own business. Things aren’t just black and white as it used to be for me, I see the grey as well. Jocelyn has truly transformed the way I think and expanded my perspectives that I didn’t even know it was possible.   In the past business finance wasn't my thing! And Jocelyn has inspired me to get interested in my business finances and I value this skill and financial insight very much!

Julie Tevelein


I have been very fortunate to have Jocelyn as my coach these past 6 weeks. Throughout this period she has mentored me and provided invaluable advice on topics such as educating my mindset, operating effectively in a work environment, how I can play a powerful part in my new job and building my networking skills.

Jocelyn is an extremely skilled and engaging coach who is always a pleasure to correspond with, and has a warm and nurturing manner which instantly makes you feel comfortable confiding in her. Her sessions are always strictly confidential and in a judgement free environment.

Jocelyn is passionate, driven and extremely knowledgeable. In each of our sessions, she has equipped me with tools to help me succeed and become the best version of myself. She has shared various models, all of which have helped immensely with my time management skills, relationship skills and educating my mindset. I would highly recommend Jocelyn to anyone wanting to go on a journey of personal growth and become the best versions of themselves.

Sarah Gates
Training Execute at IRESS


Jocelyn have been very professional, supportive and engaging during the six (6) weeks coaching period. Her “no judgement” coaching approach had allowed me to express myself comfortably without feeling undervalued. One of the thing which I’ve learnt was DO NOT UNDERVALUED YOURSELF; because her piece of advice to me was that the Universe will feed you what you manifested.

Jocelyn taught and support me through mind shifting from negative to positive. She suggested a method to me which I found it very effective and that was to draw a line in the middle of a paper and write on top half positive notes i.e. smart, confident etc, and bottom half negative notes i.e. then focus on the positive notes. I felt motivated every time after looking at it and it is a good method to help me shifting my mind to positive thoughts.

Apart from the mind shifting method, Jocelyn also recommended listening to self-empowering Podcast talks, attending Toastmasters sessions, as well as recommended a few books for reading.

During the coaching sessions, Jocelyn paused me intermittently to challenge me to think outside of the box which I enjoyed it because I found it stimulating and look into things from different perspective.

I am now in the progress transforming myself to that confident and positive woman who I’ve always wanted to be and I can already see some good changes in me recently. I highly recommend Jocelyn to my friends or family members. Finally, a heartfelt Thank You to you Jocelyn.

Kimberly Hoo


I have known Jocelyn in a personal capacity for a number of years and thought of her as a resilient, resourceful and inspiring individual having known of her perseverance and successes during this time. I had been struggling to transition from being a healthcare professional, working in a highly acute and fast paced hospital environment to being a first-time mother, compounded with the diagnosis of postnatal anxiety and depression. When I had the opportunity to partake in personal coaching with Jocelyn, it filled me with a great sense of positive expectation in hopes that I would gain clarity around my life’s changes, set new goals and learn strategies to help me achieve a healthier, successful and balanced lifestyle.

Through our coaching sessions, I found Jocelyn to be very knowledgeable about a wide variety of topics ranging from nutrition to career and relationships. The diversity of her knowledge and the ‘art’ of asking the right questions gave her the ability to enlighten me to new insights about myself and develop valuable awareness of changes I needed to make to steer me towards my goals. I have learnt to identify unproductive mindsets, new models of goal setting and the value of self-discipline. I left each session with a clear and achievable action plan, and at the end of our sessions, have come away with skills I will be able to continue to employ to stay on the right path.

If you want to make positive changes in any aspect of your life, you don’t need to have the answers. If you have just a fibre of your will that is ready to commit to making a change, Jocelyn will nurture that through creating an environment of honesty, motivation and accountability to set you on the right path of being the best version of yourself.

Alethea Kavanagh


I am ready to be the best version of myself!

I had the pleasure of working with Jocelyn at BT Financial Advice License. Jocelyn has exceptional leadership and coaching skills. She has inspired me in many ways. She is also great at collaborating with other business partners to achieve desirable results. As a member of her team, Jocelyn has my highest recommendation.

Melanie Galea
National Training Manager, IRESS Market Technology Australia