Ready to get unstuck, attract the right clients and
make money doing what you love?

This works without working longer hours, cold calls or FB Ads.

Hi, I’m Jocelyn Chong! I’m a wife, business consultant, podcast host, and communication specialist. My expertise is helping people discover their true passion, turn their ideas into income, and create a business by design.


How would your life be different…. If you could:

  • Understand how to market and promote your offers to your target market

  • Create offers that stand out from your competitors

  • Know how to speak to strangers who want to buy your offers

  • Have a business system that works on “autopilot” so you can spend time with your family.

  • Build a business you love without working longer hours

  • Grow your bank balance with ease and joy!


Now, it’s not your fault …

  • You didn’t know how to ask for help or who to trust

  • You have tried before, and you failed

  • You trusted coaches, but they have disappointed you

  • You think it’s selfish if you make large sums of money

  • You don’t know how to sell without push and force

  • You afraid you are not talented or educated enough to make money

  • You feel you can’t make money doing what you love

    You have to do it all alone

I can relate…


After I expanded my business online, I joined masterminds, invested multiple five-figures with the wrong coaches, and bought programs with videos featuring fluffy content. 


I noticed most coaches don’t want you to become more successful than them, so they simply ignore the questions I asked in their program. 


Others taught theories because they had never worked in the real world, and many were focused on being influencers to grow their social media followings; I was disgusted by their false advertising.


BUT I realized one thing… I was looking for solutions in the wrong places.


I researched and came across a business consultant, a heart-centred entrepreneur who walks the talk.


Initially, I was a little anxious, but soon, I decided to take her advice and try it on, and I got results. 


So, I started helping others and realized they repeatedly came to me with the same struggles.


I’m passionate about helping people with their marketing and sales and not deceiving them because many programs give you lots of information and videos to watch, but people get even more confused and overwhelmed, they stay in inaction.


I needed a way to reach more people who need to work with an expert who can share, coach, and guide them to reach their goals.


So THAT’s Why I created this program 




 4 months one on one program to get you set up for business success.


This Offer Is For You If: 


  • You want to know how to attract 5-star clients and boost your bank balance 

  •  You want to feel confident which direction you will take for your life and business

  • You want to boost your confidence and certainty in sales and speaking

  •  You want to feel calm and comfortable in making offers and earning more money

  • You want to reach more people with your offers

  •  You want to feel fully supported, and your business capacity is enlarged in your territory

  • You want to work less hours and spend time with your loved ones.

  • You want to create a business by design and break the glass ceiling!



Unlike other programs that do not offer value advice and platitudes of information, with very little step-by-step guidance…

Magnetic Business Accelerator is full of HOW to test and learn to ensure your IDEAS TURN TO INCOME.

We give you the exact messaging, what to say in your meetings and how to market your business in alignment with your values….

ENHANCE your Signature Offers and how to price your offers WITHOUT wasting hours figuring it out yourself.

Along with one-on-one guidance from me personally, speaking into your business


Let's be honest.


Many dreams fade away when people get stuck in the confusion and busyness of life.


It can be challenging to know what to focus on when juggling work and life, and without a clear plan, people can easily feel lost.
The Magnetic Business Accelerator is here to help.


It gives you the inside scoop and breaks down the next steps into manageable tasks.


You even get a checklist to ensure you're on the right path.

No more guessing or trying random things – it's time to wave goodbye to the confusion of conflicting advice from various experts and say hello to the guidance and coaching you've been wishing for.


Being part of the Magnetic Business Accelerator means...


You'll seriously cut down the time it takes to figure out how to build a successful business, boost your earnings, and get started on the dream that's just right for you.

We often go in a direction that doesn't match what we're good at and what makes money.

We can begin chasing a dream only to realize it's not sustainable or not what we want for the long haul.

The Magnetic Business Accelerator will guide you in turning your ideas into money, your passion into profit, and making your dreams a reality.

Inside This Program You Will Learn: 


How To Create Email Marketing Sequence and Build Deeper Relationships (Value $3,000)

Email template sequences that align with your personal brand, trust and nurture your audience who love to work with you.

How To Grow Your Business With Organic Marketing Strategies and Focus On Money Making Activities ($2,499)

Apply attraction marketing strategies and focus on 7 easy money making activities to attract premium clients and remove difficult clients from your business.

How To Enhance Your Signature Offer So Strangers Want To Buy (Value $4,997)

Price models, branding and messaging to target premium clients in any market.

Master the 5 Proven Sales System so you want build a business on autopilot (Value $2,499)                     
This system will help you with Sales Pitch and Scripts to convert followers into premium clients without feeling icky and salesy. 

Work With Me Every Fortnight   (Value $8,000) 

Time with Jocelyn to ask questions, get coaching on mindset, lifestyle and alignment  so you can fast track your business results without feeling overwhelmed.

How To Measure Your Success ($1,500) 

Proven customize success tracker to monitor your progress and evaluate your performance.  You can record relevant metrics and data to measure your success and goals.







Payment Information


Select Your Investment Option: 

MBA Pay In Full

USD 9997

Most Popular

  • BONUS #1 : Magnetic Networking Accelerator Value $2,500
  • BONUS #2 : 1 extra hour valued USD1,000

MBA Payment Plan DEPOSIT

USD 200

  • Deposit for MBA: USD200 to secure your spot

Refund you with no questions asked if you're not the right fit.


MBA Payment Plan

USD 5,555 x2

  • After paying the Deposit for MBA and decide to proceed with the program
  • 1:1 Discovery Call to see you are the right fit.

Whether you're aiming for a multimillion-dollar goal or just dreaming of a fantastic life, this will guide you towards achieving it.


What's great about this program is that it helps you reach your vision, no matter what that vision is.


Whether it's a hobby, a project, or a big dream to impact the planet positively.


These step-by-step plans and processes really do work. You don't have to figure everything out by yourself.


It's a practical and valuable journey, whether you're aiming for your first $100,000 or not.


You'll discover what truly lights you up!


Some might make $50,000, others $1,000,000, and some may not reach those numbers, but you'll find your true calling.