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Hey there.

So happy to meet you!

I’m your Certified Life & Business Coach and I’m here to help you transform your life. 


How, you ask? 


After getting my master’s in business administration, I dove headfirst into the financial world. In 20 years, I advised thousands of clients and developed business strategies to rapidly boost their income


Nothing brought me more joy than helping my clients step into their own power, integrity and financial freedom...


Which is why I’m sooo glad you’re here!

So tell me….. what brings you here today?

  • You want strong strategies and a solid plan to help you grow your business sustainably. 
  • You’re dedicated to making your business a rousing success.
  • You want help clarifying your brand messaging and generating consistent income.
  • You’re just starting your entrepreneurial journey and want to work with someone who can show you the ropes and help you build a solid foundation for your business.
  • You’re curious about working with a business coach and want to know what I’m all about.

It’s my calling to tap into your goals

and craft a business plan

that is perfectly tailored to your needs.

Before I tailored personalized business plans for my clients, I used to work in the corporate world. I broke away from it when I discovered my true calling was to work with people personally so their businesses aligned with their core values.


After over 20 years of working with different types of clients and advising thousands of people, I realized they all had one thing in common—they all craved financial freedom


Who doesn’t wish for financial freedom, right? It’s the one thing that stops you from pursuing your dreams. 

I’m here to be fully present and create a safe space for you in this coaching experience. I’m deeply committed to helping you step into your own power and turn your wish into a reality. 


With the help of my master’s in business administration, 20 years of experience in the finance world and my intuitive coaching techniques I build a personalized financial plan you can absolutely count on. 


With me by your side on your journey, you can sit back and watch yourself propel towards your dream life.

But hold on… there are some things you should *absolutely* know about me:


I'm a total coffee connoisseur

You don't have to ask me twice to go on a hiking trip with you.

I love checking off destinations from my travel bucket list -- and believe me, it's a looong list. 

I will definitely have desserts for breakfast every day if I could

But most importantly, I love turning wishes into reality.

Jocelyn is a warm and fearless coach! She will have you looking at things from an angle you didn't think of before—to uncover the real problem. The solution becomes so obvious with her as your guide and she'll hold you accountable through the process. Working with her, I became clear on why I do what I do and putting the habits in place to keep moving forward in a way that feels lighter. She is not afraid to ask hard questions.

Missy Campbell
CEO of  Taste of Simple

Working with Jocelyn has been a shifting and empowering experience. The way she works with you through creating abundance is methodical, spiritual, easy to digest and apply. Coming from the financial background she is able to give you clear direction that have had proven results. I highly recommend Jocelyn!

Lynn Howard
Business Coach based in Thailand


Jocelyn listened, gave a safe space to talk about my concern, summarised what I said, didn't do and danced around. She has a solid insight, calm, professional and helps you dig down and come to conclusions you already have in you. She does it powerfully. I feel like there was nothing left to explore in the session.

Natascha Troehler
Business Coach