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Hi, I'm Jocelyn Chong 

and I am a highly skilled facilitator of corporate training and business mentoring. By leveraging my unique skills, experience, and qualifications, I empower business leaders, executives and C-Suites recognize and achieve their full potential for greatness!

The Leading Communication Specialist, Corporate Trainer, Business Consultant, Multi-Award Winning Four Time #1 International Bestselling Author, Global Speaker and Podcast Host.

To explore coaching, we'll look at where you are, what you want and how I can help you get there.  During the Strategy call, I'll walk you through my process and answer your questions so you know what to expect from working together.


Recently, I attended Jocelyn's 3-Hour LIVE Masterclass, and I can't express enough how impactful the experience was. Jocelyn's expertise and passion for sales and speaking skills shone through from the moment she started speaking.

Jocelyn's ability to convey complex ideas and engage them is truly remarkable. She has a natural talent for making complex concepts understandable, and I found myself not only learning a great deal but also enjoying the process. Her communication skills are top-notch, and she created a welcoming and inclusive atmosphere for all participants. What impressed me the most was Jocelyn's dedication to helping each participant grasp the material. She encouraged questions, fostered meaningful discussions, and provided practical examples that brought each topic to life. I appreciated how approachable and calm she was, always willing to share practical strategies and tools.

Jocelyn's commitment to her work and her genuine desire to see her students and clients succeed is evident in every aspect of her teaching. She went above and beyond to ensure that everyone left the Masterclass with a solid understanding of the topic. Her infectious enthusiasm and positivity made the learning experience transformative and enjoyable.

Jocelyn's Masterclass was a game-changer for me and all the participants. I walked away with new skills, knowledge, and empowerment.

If you can learn from Jocelyn or attend any event she's involved in, don't hesitate. She is a true expert in her field and a fantastic teacher. Thank you, Jocelyn, for your dedication and for sharing your expertise with others. You've made a lasting impact on my learning journey, and I'm genuinely grateful for that.


Tony Graham

President and Founder of Tony Graham Consultants

At last night’s Global Women’s Peace Network Workshop for emerging leaders, Jocelyn Chong shared her insights on Transformative Leadership and it was a treat! Interacting with our mentees and mentors in the ‘Leading into the Future’ mentor program in a very personal way, Jocelyn vibrantly shared about 5 areas for self-leadership that creates great leaders. These being integrity, self-care, seeking feedback, positive self-talk, and visualisation. The take away was that great leaders care about others, encourage others, and think of others needs, which is so in line with WFWPs philosophy of ‘living for the sake of others’ and leadership of the heart.

Thank you Jocelyn, I am such a fan 


Anne Bellavance

WFWPI Vice-president (rep. Asia Pacific 2) | WFWP Australia President


I have been working with Jocelyn for the past 3 years on my business and mindset. I had a few limited beliefs that were holding me back to grow my photography business.

Jocelyn’s held space for me with patience and compassion. She really deeps deep into the root cause and always gives the best most powerful reframes. She also gave me some practical tools to use that helped me gain more clarity, confidence and tap into my abundance mindset.

Jocelyn also helped me to overcome fears and doubts both in my personal and business lives. As a consequence, my business is thriving and growing exponentially.

I can’t thank Jocelyn enough for her wisdom, expertise and incredible coaching skills on all levels. She is such a beautiful person to work with and I can’t recommend her enough to anyone wanting to breakthrough any limited beliefs and feel empowered and confident through life!

Ksenia Belova, Award-Winning Personal Branding Photographer and Author 


The first time Jocelyn and I connected, I immediately felt her warmth and positive energy. Not only was she instrumental in helping me realise a lifelong dream of becoming a published author, but she has also connected me to a network of amazing people from around the world who are like me - driven to accomplish MORE! I’m grateful for that first meeting with Jocelyn, as it opened up a whole new world of possibilities and connections that I likely wouldn’t have found on my own.
Jennifer Myers, Certified Leadership and Business Coach,  #1 International Bestselling Author and Speaker

Jocelyn has mastered the art of cutting through noise and the inefficient use of our most precious asset time…. So important in the modern, always connected world. As someone who has networked extensively, I found Jocelyn’s advice helped me take to the next level the great baseline I already had. Thank you for making the complex simple and taking the time to really think about how you could help me grow my business. I highly recommend you get in touch with Jocelyn!

Senior Manager and Sales Leader - Ben Wright


I was in a deep slump when my coaching sessions with Jocelyn began. My business felt stagnant; frankly, I questioned everything I had built. Stuck in my head, I was a mess of doubts, uncertainty and seriously lacking direction. Hallmark crisis mode.

Today, I'm back in love again. Jocelyn helped me rediscover the heart of my business while being more practical in my approach. Her ability to help me focus and cut through the fluff has been a game-changer.

Now I'm more adept at balancing my purpose with a business-centric mindset. I'm no longer a prisoner to the zillion thoughts that were pulling me every which way but straight. And I'm gradually levelling up my business with a clear head. Hallelujah!

Jocelyn's intuitive yet objective approach is magic. She cuts to the heart of the problem with the precision of a surgeon. There's no hiding.

Working with any coach must be a vulnerable experience. Sometimes you want to run for the hills because you feel like you're under a microscope. But if you are going to be under anyone's microscope, be under Jocelyn's.

Yes, she can be tough, but never brutal. She empowers instead of just propping you up. She doesn't force-feed you; she leads you. By arming me with frameworks and tools, she allowed me to determine and evaluate my own solutions. This has made me more independent and resourceful in my thinking, and I feel way more confident about my brand.

From the get-go, you know you're in safe hands with Jocelyn. It's obvious she knows what she's talking about. And that's not just in a practical sense. Jocelyn encourages self-development. She prompted me to be mindful of managing my energy and to develop my business structure so that it aligns with my nature.

My two cents? You don't work with Jocelyn because you want to bumble through business and life. You work with Jocelyn because you want to be kept accountable, work sustainably towards your goals and grow into a well-rounded professional.

Would I recommend her? Hell yes!


Inoshi Perera, Content and Copy Writer


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Huge thanks and much gratitude, Jocelyn, for your support during the recent project we worked on together. Your patience, insight, and understanding was invaluable as you helped me navigate the practicalities while also connect to my intuition and clarify my message. I love how your enthusiasm and kindness infuses all your communication. Thank you for your guidance. 


Ruth Fae (Fae Blood Publications)


Jocelyn Chong is not your everyday speaker. She is empowering, uplifting and energising. Elegantly articulate and uniquely inspiring, she engages with her audience and injects them with dynamism to become the very best version of themselves. With a diverse and extensive background in business, Jocelyn understands the challenges faced by leaders and organisations. Her secret power is to deliver key messages and insights that not only allow her audience to overcome these challenges but give them the rocket fuel to soar into a higher tier of growth and development.

@360WisdomSpeaks by Nicole Borghi


I met Jocelyn when I became interested in being an author in a multi-author book. I was intrigued by her passion for assisting people that had come from a corporate background and were looking for more in their life. I listened to her podcast and loved hearing about the ways she could encourage me to be a better version of me. She provides simple steps when giving direction and has the ability to be engaging, warm and enthusiastic. I’m glad my work took me into Jocelyn’s life of public speaking and mentoring.

Kathryn Toomey #1 International Best Selling Author & Remedial Massage Therapist


Working with Jocelyn has been a shifting and empowering experience. The way she works with you through creating abundance is methodical, spiritual, easy to digest and apply. Coming from the financial background she is able to give you clear direction that have had proven results. I highly recommend Jocelyn!

Lynn Howard
Business Coach based in Thailand



Jocelyn was such a breath of fresh air to have on my podcast! You can tell that she speaks from the heart & wasn't afraid of being vulnerable with my listeners. Her calm & bright energy can be felt, even through an online recording studio. It was so easy & natural to be my authentic self around her! While responding to my questions, she would show enthusiasm & passion for the topics discussed. And she would answer the questions in detail to provide clarity for my listeners. I would definitely invite her back onto my podcast, Blissfully Bloom, to record part 2! (:
-------------------------------                  Victoria Leblanc 
Self-love and Soulful Coach 


Jocelyn is a warm and fearless coach! She will have you looking at things from an angle you didn't think of before—to uncover the real problem. The solution becomes so obvious with her as your guide and she'll hold you accountable through the process. Working with her, I became clear on why I do what I do and putting the habits in place to keep moving forward in a way that feels lighter. She is not afraid to ask hard questions.

Missy Campbell  CEO of  Taste of Simple