Are you a self-led, ambitious woman struggling to lead with confidence to build your business so you can get better and faster results and attract ideal business referrals?

Have you spent 100s of hours trying to attract new business referrals at various networking events offline and online, only to be left wanting more?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above…

You are in the right place!


One on One Coaching

Magnetic Business

Accelerator Program



Give me six months and your most important business goal, and together, we will give you proven strategies to enhance your brand and develop depth in connecting with others to co-create more magnetically in business.




You’ve been trying to grow your business network for a while now…

… but no matter how many high-net-worth people you speak to or fancy luncheons you attend, you’re unable to find a real connection that is mutually beneficial.

I believe you landed on this page for a reason.

If you think about it, it’s probably because you’ve been attending many networking events where most people come in with a set script in mind…

...but engaging with those people feels like a purely-transactional affair that’s too salesy.

That’s affecting your ability to initiate meaningful conversations naturally to stay top of mind and create strong bottom-line results in the form of business referrals.

There’s limitless wealth in growing your network based on the right energetic match.

You’ve probably seen others in your industry – working professionals with a fraction of your experience – building rewarding relationships with people effortlessly.

They are authentically channelling their unique energy to attract the right referral partners.

And that’s allowing them to initiate conversations with more trust and clarity.

That’s what optimising your magnetic aura can do for you.

So why aren’t you developing genuine relationships that lead to an effortless exchange of referrals? 




“I don't know how to attract the best clients"

Networking events are not a venue for people to advance their business agenda. They offer a space for people to try and find common ground and work out how they can help each other solve problems.
It is a human experience you can enhance with the mindset and aura you bring in with you. Following a set script will not get you the results you need. The secret is being passionate about your subject matter and finding joy in learning about the other person’s life.




“I don’t trust people who network.”

Doing things alone in business will only serve you up to a certain point. To open up more opportunities, you need to co-create with the right people in your space.
You must have clear guiding principles in order to move forward with people you want to create value with. That is how you and others flourish together.
Building relationships with that mindset is how you will embark on a win-win journey for everyone. You must remember you’re not competing or comparing with others.




“I can’t build relationships in a male-dominated industry”

How many times have you been to a business summit or a similar event where hierarchical structuring has created gender-based clusters?
While that level of exclusivity is off-putting, you don’t need to let it hinder you.
When you love what you offer to the world, you can build a level of trust that transcends the boundaries of gender. People love doing business with energising people who exude a magnetic aura and genuinely care.




The Magnetic Business Accelerator Program helps you attract the best clients and get faster and better business results without overworking and feeling salesy.


Join Now!


The moment you join, you will breathe a deep sigh of relief. 


That’s because, in just under six months, you will have a tried-and-tested methodology to help you grow your business and make an impact on the world with organic reach.


Wouldn’t you like to be that person at a business event who blows people away with uplifting energy and leaves a deep impression?

I’ve combined three of my top expertise


Sales Expertise


into a COMPREHENSIVE methodology that
empowers YOU to be a positive change-maker in the world and make more money with ease and joy!


How is The Magnetic Business Accelerator Program different from other programs?

  • Most business coaches – even those with multi-million-dollar clients - usually only focus on helping you feel more confident and articulate your business pitch.
  • For example, they may give you pointers to help you overcome the nerves of meeting someone new and reputable, but they can’t help you experience and create more joy in the lives of the people you connect with.

On the Magnetic Business Accelerator Program, you’re getting everything.

  • As in, a tried-and-tested system that helps you understand the energetics of wealth creation to attract more of that energy towards you naturally.
  • I’m giving you more than 36,000 hours of lived experience and proven results I achieved over 22 years working in Australia’s leading banks (where I generated over $200M in revenue), at the leading public speaking organisation Toastmasters International and with hundreds of entrepreneurs to be…
  • A self-led initiator capable of building genuine relationships that attract business referrals magnetically rather than forcing them.




I’ve separated The Magnetic Business Accelerator Program into 3 stages to help your progress:

Stage 1: Self-audit – The first stage focuses on identifying what you lack in life and business, and working out how you can bring your heart and soul into your business.

  • Conduct a life and business audit by unpacking who you are, what your energetic type is and what persona you have.
  • Bring your unique energy into your interactions to learn how to network magnetically using a desire to do good rather than closing a sale.
  • Attract people who can integrate beautifully and effortlessly into your world by unleashing the power of co-creation.

Stage 2: Business Priorities – The second stage focuses on helping you focus your energy, time and create irresistible offers. 

  • Manifest the confidence and wisdom needed to show up and present yourself immaculately.
  • Learn how to create irresistible offers and pricing is right so you serve your clients t the highest level.
  • Apply the business roadmap and  add layers in your business to lean on so you can generate quality leads with ease and grace.

Stage 3: Implementation – The last stage will give you clarity on how to plan and launch your magnetic business strategies. I will guide you through the implementation process on this done-with-you program with real-time feedback, so you don’t do the heavy lifting alone.

  • Learn how to measure the success by evaluating and celebrate wins in a powerful way and attract more connections.
  • Align your sales and marketing energy to support you to generate referrals effortlessly.
  • Continue to test and learn, and upgrade your business plan strategically. I'll guide you along your journey to create time freedom, earn more money and build a successful business by design.

And here's one more reason

  • Once my methodology is implemented, you rely on your genius and beauty to relate with people better. It’s not about the job title on your business card or your fancy office address.

  •  My system will help you create your own blueprint to amplify your message to create your business by design.

  •  You will not only gain the certainty and confidence to be CEO of your business but also have the skills to manage your business with ease and joy!

You won’t even have to go on this transformative journey alone.

If you’re not comfortable being yourself in this digital world led by social media, I will be there to support you all the way so you can overcome any doubts and obstacles in baby steps. That makes building your business and creating your impact much more efficient.

This is how I will be working with you:

One-on-one Coaching

This one-on-one coaching program starts off with an onboarding call, where I ask questions to learn about what is troubling you and help you understand how you can leverage years of my senior-level experience in the finance industry to build relationships with established executives across all industries and disciplines.

From there on, I will connect with you on weekly coaching calls to carefully guide you through each stage of the program. That’s where you can clear any questions or concerns and progress towards your goals.

Bottom line - I will help you transform to be the CEO that's within your already. 

That means you will gain the skills to lead, sell and communicate with a diverse set of people… without spending years going through the motions.

You will have lifetime access to ALL the program resources, tools and coaching calls, including:


Online Resources

I have curated a selection of digital resources for you to leverage to improve your chances of securing a successful exchange of referrals.




Frameworks and Structures

I have designed specific frameworks and structured guidelines which you can apply and implement straight away to create the impact you want.




Coaching Session Recordings

Our weekly coaching sessions will be recorded and made available to you after each session so you can revert back to them when you need to.




Extras (I won’t tell you yet)

I am saving a few surprises to give you a boost when you need it most. Don’t worry about these just yet. You will learn more about them in good time.




“But is The Magnetic Business Accelerator Program the best investment for me, Jocelyn?”


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This program will require a considerable amount of your time and effort, so you need to be sure it’s the right thing for you before proceeding:


The Magnetic Business Accelerator Program is DEFINITELY for you IF:

  • You’re not comfortable being in the spotlight to share your message.

  • You have attended several networking events offline and online but haven’t been able to attract your ideal business referrals.

  • No matter how many high-net-worth people you speak to, you feel you’ve been hung out to dry.

  • You lack confidence in your ability to initiate meaningful conversations that help you stay top of mind.

  • You’re not clear on what you need to do when you go to a business/networking even. 

But it’s not the right thing for you IF:

  • You have a proven strategy to be seen and heard by people in your industry that works in any environment.

  • You’re able to effortlessly generate business referrals every week at offline and online networking events.

  • You have no trouble meeting new people and establishing an authentic connection with them based on trust and credibility.

  • You’re confident you can have meaningful conversations that lead to long-term relationships and exchanges of referrals.

  • You have a carefully-considered plan for exactly what you need to do when you attend a business event or networking function.

You’ve been trying to create success alone for far too long. Let’s find referral partners who are the right energetic match for you.

Right now, you have an important choice to make.


You can keep applying  the same old method in your business


you can learn to enhance your magnetic energy to attract the right people to help your business grow effortlessly.

The choice is yours.


Don’t pass up on this opportunity to grow your business through deep and mutually-beneficial connections.

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“YES, Jocelyn! I’m ready to attract the best clients people into my business - It’s time to create the time freedom I deserve!”


I’m delighted to see you’ve given yourself the opportunity to draw referrals naturally.

I’m excited to greet you on our onboarding call!