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 Dive into this private coaching experience to generate a 6-figure income, clarify brand messaging and scale your business like a pro.



You’re a dedicated coach and entrepreneur scaling the business of your dreams but…


  • You want to learn how to scale your coaching business.
  • Your business is losing more money than it’s bringing in.
  • You’re ready to have ongoing and guided support to scale sustainably.
  • You’re ready to start raising your prices and clarify your offerings.
  • You want to generate a steady income quickly and efficiently.

What’s getting in the way of you

and your dream business?


Without further ado, let’s get to the elephants in the room. . .

No Return On Investment

You’ve spent thousands of dollars on courses, templates and workbooks to help you build the business of your dreams but everything is falling short. Course material and live QnAs only go so far.

You need guided support throughout your journey thats tailored to you and your needs. You need a solid framework to scale your business and you’re ready to see a return on all your investment.

Fear of Failure.

You’ve poured your soul into your business. You’re working so hard to make sure it generates the income so you can get the ROI you deserve.

You understand the value of delegating but you’re afraid of trusting the wrong people. Bottom line is—you’re committing to doing what it takes to make this business soar.

Confusion, Confusion.

You’re knee-deep to-do lists and getting overwhelmed by the nitty-gritty of the business world—branding, niche, expenses, business plan etc.

You’re investing in mini-courses, joining entrepreneur groups and email lists to boost up your business skills but it’s all falling short. You need help and you need it soon.

Looming Debt.

You’re tired of watching your business income go towards expenses and debt repayments.

You’re spending more than you’re bringing in. You’re sooo ready to pay off your debt and watch your bank account bloom.

Any of those resonate with you?

Don’t worry, my friend.

I’m here to get down in the trenches to help you build a strong scaling strategy that generates a steady income without working crazy hours.

It’s the end of the month and you’ve paid all your bills.
Now you track your progress and realize…
You're Debt-Free, Baby!

You no longer look at your bank account and cringe. No more losing sleep over draining all your income the second you earn it.

The cherry on the top is—you’re consistently knocking your savings goals out of the park.

You're a Powerful Client Magnet

You don’t remember the last time you had to go looking for a client and pitch your services to anyone who would listen.

You’re confident in your pitch so now you sit back in your comfy chair with a cuppa tea and watch as your calendar fills up with dream clients who are dying to work with you.

Cha-ching in Your Wallet!

Here’s the real kicker—you’re living your dream life now. You're generating a steady income with your business and rapidly climbing up to 6-figures a month.

This is the business you’ve always wanted and worked towards.

... Sounds perfect, doesn't it?


You’re closer than you think.



It’s Time To Invest In Yourself With



An immersive private coaching experience to supercharge your success, connect you with your dream clients and generate a 6-figure income. 

(minimum commitment of 6-months)


  • 3x 45-minute coaching sessions per month personalized to fit your business and brand messaging goals.
  • Ongoing support with unlimited voice/ text messages (VOXER).
  • Email support to track progress, set goals and clarify processes that keep your business running like a well-oiled machine.
  • Personalized plan to streamline your business so you clarify your brand messaging, narrow down your niche and generate a consistent income.
  • Lifetime access to recordings of each coaching session so you can review them at your own pace.
  • Intuitive strategies that honour your own flow in building your business sustainably for long-term success.

So much has changed since I've completed the 3 months program. We’ve looked deeper into some of the really important areas in my business.  For example, processes. And then there are other areas that I didn’t realize that were as important and you’ve highlighted them such as managing my social media presence. You’ve given me strategies on how to implement it going forward. Now I feel more confident and more authentic as a business owner.  I feel like I jumped many steps ahead and that those steps will be built on as I go forward over time.

This is what I’ll say to anyone thinking of coaching with Jocelyn Chong,  you won’t regret it!!!   It’s money well spent and the sooner you do it, the sooner you can get on with your business. I highly recommend Jocelyn.

Dianne Palmer
Interior Designer

What can you accomplish in 6 months, you ask?


You'll walk away with:


  • Solid business scaling strategies that are tailored to you and your business goals perfectly.
  • Automated processes to keep building momentum in your business growth.
  • Clear brand messaging and niche to become a magnet for your dream clients.
  • A strong business mindset so you can say adios to imposter syndrome.
  • Financial and personal freedom so you can finally work through your bucket list.

You’re 4 steps away from building the business of your dreams:


When you hit apply you’ll be greeted with 5 onboarding questions. This gives me a clear idea about your goals before we jump into the onboarding process.

Discovery Call

I want to know everything about you from your business concerns to your Starbucks order. We talk in-depth about you and your business so I can personalize your coaching experience before we dive right into it.

Private Coaching

We dive into this private coaching experience tailored to your personal and business goals. I’m here to get my hands in the clay and help you and your business thrive every step along the way. We build and implement a sustainable plan to get you from point A to point Z

Final Check-in

You’re ready with optimal business processes to keep the momentum going so you can keep growing your income. We do a final check-in call within 4 weeks of finishing this coaching package to track your progress. This is where you get to decide if you’re all set or want to continue coaching longer.

Viola! You’re ready to go.


Private Coaching Guarantee

This is a huuuuge investment . . . You deserve to know that your business coach knows what they’re doing.

Backed by experience

With 20 years of experience in leading high-performing teams in three of the topmost banks in Australia, I have a track record of helping people exactly like you jump over hurdles, crush their goals and grow their income

Proven Techniques

I’m here to give you 100% proven techniques I have used to advise thousands of people on their journey. I create personalized strategies and simple steps to cut down your expenses and build a sustainable income.

Undivided Attention

I’m a great listener, I want to know the ins and outs of your business so I can help you streamline it. I’m here to give you my full attention and be an active part of this journey to your dream life.

Guaranteed Support

You get ongoing and consistent support through unlimited texts/voice messages (VOXER) during your commitment. If you’re stumbling, you have questions or just need clarification on anything, drop me a line and I’d be happy to help!

I have been very fortunate to have Jocelyn as my Coach. Throughout this period she has mentored me and provided invaluable advice on topics such as educating my mindset, operating effectively in a work environment, how I can play a powerful part in my new job and building my networking skills.

Jocelyn is an extremely skilled and engaging coach who is always a pleasure to correspond with, and has a warm and nurturing manner which instantly makes you feel comfortable confiding in her. Her sessions are always strictly confidential and in a judgement free environment.

Jocelyn is passionate, driven and extremely knowledgeable. In each of our sessions, she has equipped me with tools to help me succeed and become the best version of myself. She has shared various models, all of which have helped immensely with my time management skills, relationship skills and educating my mindset. I would highly recommend Jocelyn to anyone wanting to go on a journey of personal growth and become the best versions of themselves.

Sarah Gates
Training Execute at IRESS
Got burning questions? Let’s answer them. . .

Wouldn't you like to feel like these people?

I have known Jocelyn in a personal capacity for a number of years and thought of her as a resilient, resourceful and inspiring individual having known of her perseverance and successes during this time. I had been struggling to transition from being a healthcare professional, working in a highly acute and fast paced hospital environment to being a first-time mother, compounded with the diagnosis of postnatal anxiety and depression. When I had the opportunity to partake in personal coaching with Jocelyn, it filled me with a great sense of positive expectation in hopes that I would gain clarity around my life’s changes, set new goals and learn strategies to help me achieve a healthier, successful and balanced lifestyle.

Through our coaching sessions, I found Jocelyn to be very knowledgeable about a wide variety of topics ranging from nutrition to career and relationships. The diversity of her knowledge and the ‘art’ of asking the right questions gave her the ability to enlighten me to new insights about myself and develop valuable awareness of changes I needed to make to steer me towards my goals. I have learnt to identify unproductive mindsets, new models of goal setting and the value of self-discipline. I left each session with a clear and achievable action plan, and at the end of our sessions, have come away with skills I will be able to continue to employ to stay on the right path.

If you want to make positive changes in any aspect of your life, you don’t need to have the answers. If you have just a fibre of your will that is ready to commit to making a change, Jocelyn will nurture that through creating an environment of honesty, motivation and accountability to set you on the right path of being the best version of yourself.

Alethea Kavanagh

Jocelyn have been very professional, supportive and engaging during coaching program. Her “no judgement” coaching approach had allowed me to express myself comfortably without feeling undervalued. One of the thing which I’ve learnt was DO NOT UNDERVALUED YOURSELF; because her piece of advice to me was that the Universe will feed you what you manifested.

Jocelyn taught and support me through mind shifting from negative to positive. She suggested a method to me which I found it very effective and that was to draw a line in the middle of a paper and write on top half positive notes i.e. smart, confident etc, and bottom half negative notes i.e. then focus on the positive notes. I felt motivated every time after looking at it and it is a good method to help me shifting my mind to positive thoughts.

Apart from the mind shifting method, Jocelyn also recommended listening to self-empowering Podcast talks, attending Toastmasters sessions, as well as recommended a few books for reading.

During the coaching sessions, Jocelyn paused me intermittently to challenge me to think outside of the box which I enjoyed it because I found it stimulating and look into things from different perspective.

I am now in the progress transforming myself to that confident and positive woman who I’ve always wanted to be and I can already see some good changes in me recently. I highly recommend Jocelyn to my friends or family members. Finally, a heartfelt Thank You to you Jocelyn.

 Kimberly Hoo

Immersion isn't for everyone.


If you relate to any of the following, you’re ready to build the business of your dreams:

  • You’re an emerging entrepreneur that’s struggling to build a consistent income. You want someone who can give techniques to build a steady income without hustling. You’re 100% committed to implementing techniques that help grow your business. 
  • You’re a dedicated coach, you’ve spent a lot of time cultivating an audience that trusts you. You’re in a good place to raise your pricing and start scaling your business. You’re looking to build a strong plan and stick to it to streamline your success. 
  • You’re a solopreneur starting to build strong momentum in your business. You’re ready to find an intuitive business coach who can help you build a growth mindset, automate your business and boost that momentum.  
  • You’re a successful business owner looking to clarify your brand messaging, effortlessly attract your dream clients and steamroll through hurdles that are stopping you from scaling your business efficiently. 



So happy to meet you!
I’m the creator of Immersion Equation and I’m here to help you tailor your dream business on your own terms.

How? You ask?

With 20 years of banking experience, leadership awards and advising thousands of people, I have perfected the key techniques you need to focus on scaling a successful business and crushing your goals.

It was my calling to take a step back from the corporate world and focus on working with people personally. In my time as an intuitive business coach, I’ve worked with huge number of people and implemented processes that helped transform their businesses and their lives.

All you gotta do is take the first step.

It’s time you invested in yourself and reaped the benefits of what you sow. Let’s get you to your dream, shall we?