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Entrepreneurial Series and Journal Prompts for Radical Changes

 This 5 mediation series has been designed for you to experience a deep profound transformation that will help you amplify your life as an entrepreneur.

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Entrepreneurial Series  &

Journal Prompts for Radical Changes       


Mediation series includes:

 ★ Increase Creativity

★ Develop Self-Confidence  vibrational container.

★ Know your are Worthy

★ Money and Abundance

★ Success is inevitable




Download the BEAUTIFUL Journal,  find a quiet spot where you can write down your thoughts to the journal.  


The questions are timeless. 


Everytime you dedicate the time to journal your thoughts to the questions you will notice subtle shifts for radical changes. 


Trust your own intuition! 

Entrepreneurial Series  & Journal  Prompts for Radical Changes    

USD $19.99 

Mediation series includes:

★ Increase Creativity

★ Develop Self -Confidence  vibrational container.

★ Know your are Worthy

★ Money and Abundance

★ Success is inevitable

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Before our coaching session, I had this weight on my mind about where I am in my business and what I felt like I needed on a soul level; there was a bit of opposition between taking the space i need vs. wanting to "do" more. With your guidance and our chats, I was able to recognise that honouring I am always healing and growing is a part of my mission! I was also able to redefine a lot of things in my life (like burnout, leadership, etc) and this led me to feel an instant change in mood and inspiration. Thanks Jocelyn!!

Suki Chan

Working with Jocelyn was amazing.  She takes you through a process through her coaching that can tackle and resolve a variety of issues head on. I spoke with her about a few issues from self-worth, relationships and business stress and the process worked for all. I was able to tackle a few blocks and issues which were holding me back almost immediately! These things may have seemed too small to see a therapist about but were certainly causing stress in my day-to-day life. For example, in one session I was very stressed about Facebook Ads as the platform was not working for me. I was able to release the guilt and shame around that within one session and it was a huge weight off my shoulders that I'd been carrying for months. Jocelyn is such a ray of light. She is able to hold space even when talking about heavier issues, is non-judgmental, positive and has a results-focus.

Monica Strut

Her kind yet direct approach - exactly what I need! Jocelyn’s ability to cut through the noise, make sense of it all and get to the point of what I needed to do next. I have achieved my ability to see my procrastination for what it is, cut through the things I think I should be doing and get right into action mode! If you're looking for someone to help you take the lead in your life, Jocelyn will show you the way and allow you to feel confident moving forward. If you're ready to take big action, get coaching with her!!!

Elaine Leek