Attention:  Sales Professionals Entrepreneurs, Coaches and Consultants

Virtual Masterclass Goes Live
Thursday, 29th February 2024

UNLEASHED YOUR POTENTIAL:  Selling With Joy and Purpose

LIVE:   29th February 8am Sydney | 28th February 4pm NYC

VIP  Q&A:  29th February 7am  Sydney/  28 February 3pm NYC










Join Jocelyn live on the 29th February 2024

Are you working tirelessly to sell your offers but finding it challenging to convert warm leads into paying clients?

❌You're engaging with warm leads, but the conversion seems stuck.

❌You tried and failed to turn potential clients into paying ones!

❌You are feeling uncertain and overwhelmed with the ever-evolving market dynamics.

❌You're frustrated because the strategies that once worked are not getting the desired results.


This is for ....


Sales Professionals
Business Managers




There is no need to leave your home.

Join Jocelyn live on the 29th February 2024

Imagine you have a proven system to get the desired results in your business...


✅You will learn how to find the right customers by using innovative strategies so you always have new people interested in what you offer.


✅You discover cool ethical techniques that make selling easier. It's like finding a shortcut to turn interested people into paying customers.


✅You learn how to talk to people in a way that makes them genuinely interested in what you're selling; it's so good that they can't say no.


✅You know how to make your products or services more attractive to the people who would love them.


✅You will stay ahead of market trends.


✅You will know how to tweak the process in a smart way to get results.


✅You will learn to do your work faster, so you have more time for important things like spending time with your loved ones, travelling, and hobbies.


✅You learn to stress less and stop worrying about your future; it feels like a safe space to try new things. 

In this Masterclass, you will learn:



  • Apply a proven sales system to enhance your communication and persuasion skills, turning prospects into enthusiastic clients.

  • Discover how to tweak your sales system and increase your closing rates.

  • Unleash your potential to win in business so you stop confusion, procrastination and self-sabotage and immediately implement this system.

Plus much more!


Join Jocelyn live on the  29th February 2024.

Want to break that glass ceiling in 2024?

Before The Event

  • You work 15-17 hours per day,  trying to grow your sales through force.

  •  You’re struggling to attract premium clients consistently.

  • You’re feeling desperate and salesy trying to sell your Signature Offer.

  •  You don't know how to articulate the value of your offer effortlessly.

  •  You go through all sorts of negative emotions that prevent you from selling with joy.

  •  You’re surrounded by people who doesn't believe in you, want to support you or are jealous of your success.

After The Event

  • You know how to attract  5-star clients and boost your bank balance with ease and joy.

  •  You have clarity which direction you take for your business

  • You boost your confidence, competency and certainty in sales.

  •  You feel calm, safe and comfortable  in making offers and earning more money!

  •  You feel fully supported to enlarge your business territory.


Listen up because this is perfect for you...


This is where you’ll learn everything to create your future, increase your sales conversion and work with the right clients. 

You will discover the secrets how to  shift any limiting beliefs holding you back from drawing the right people into your business. 

You’ll learn and improve your skills to speak and sell, and fall in love with your business again! 

If you are ready and committed to make more money moving forward,  you need to be there!

This is your opportunity to take control of your future, no longer hoping for things to work!



Join Jocelyn live on the 29th February 2024

Meet Your Mentor And Business Consultant

Jocelyn Chong

Like you,  I’m a passionate entrepreneur, and for the past 23 years, I have been transforming businesses in the finance and banking sector, teaching my clients and employees how to attract 5-star clients and focus their energy on money-making activities with a growth mindset.

After making many mistakes, investing in the wrong coaches and working with the wrong clients, I know how to help others fast-track their business success without force, push or overworking.

I have a proven track record of generating eight figures of revenue per year and how to serve premium clients who value your services. 

My mission is to want to help as many people as I can who are committed and serious about creating a business by design and leave a lasting legacy.